How To Prevent Common Homeowners Claims

homeowner's claims

Homeowner’s claims come in all shapes and sizes. Several of the homeowner’s claims are easily preventable. Some claims may get denied if your company determines that your home is a mess. Here are several ideas on how to avoid common homewoner’s claims.

Metal Cased Washing Machine Hoses
The hoses leading from your water supply to your washing machine can prevent a homeowner’s claim. The inexpensive hoses have a rubber casing and not much protection. If you want more protection, spend a little more and purchase the metal-cased hosings. Don’t forget to replace these hoses every two-three years.

Single-Lever Water Control
The old fashioned water supply to the washing machine used to have round red and blue knobs to control the water flow. Eventually, the washers will wear out on the water lines, and they will leak. Have your plumber replace these with a single lever control.

Chipped or peeled caulking inside baths and tubs and toilets can lead to water damage and eventually a mold problem. With this in mind,  make sure your caulking is tight with no signs of openings.

Water Line to Refrigerator
Check you water line leading to the refrigerator ice maker on a regular basis. The water line is usually a skinny pipe which can easily leak.

Leave Heat on During the Winter
Frozen pipes are one of the leading causes of water damage during winter months. For this purpose, make sure the water supply is turned off at the meter before you leave for an extended time (usually more than a day). Also, make sure that your heat is on to 55 degrees or higher after you turn the water off. The water in your pipes will freeze, expand and burst your pipes if the heat is not on.

Clean Gutters
All outside water hitting your house should be diverted away from the house. This means that you should make sure that your gutters are clean of leaves and debris. Also, you should have downspout extensions to push the water away several feet from the foundation. Clean gutters will also prevent accumulation of ice on your roof and icicles forming on your gutters.

Have your fireplace inspected to make sure the chimney is clean. This will prevent any smoke damage from poor ventilation. After you use the fireplace, wait until the next day to clean out the soot from the burnt logs. It takes several hours for embers to cool. Warm embers have burned entire houses when indisposed properly.

Hot Water Heaters
Warranties for most hot water heaters are five years. Check your water heater periodically for any sign of corrosion or leaking. Water on the floor near the water heater means it’s time to replace the water heater.

Electrical Fires
Unplug small appliances when not in use including toasters, coffee makers, and other small appliances. Automatic coffee makers are notorious causes of house fires especially if it is on a timer.

Also, make sure you are not using extension cords on a regular basis. Purchase fire rated surge protectors which are wired to handle high voltage surges.

Look for more homeowner’s tips to prevent homeowner’s claims in future posts.