How To Find Worry-Free Cheap Auto Insurance
For Teens

auto insurance for teens


One of the rights of passage in life for both parents and child is when their son or daughter turns 16. Your kid is ecstatic because they’ll be driving soon. And you’ll need to find auto insurance for teens.

But the parents are hyperventilating because their child will get behind the wheel and drive. What can parents expect with regards to auto insurance for teens when this magical day arrives?

In Pennsylvania, the first step for the new driver is getting their learner’s permit. The permit will allow the new driver to drive with an experienced driver in the car. In the old days, it was common in Pennsylvania to get a learner’s permit and immediately take the driver’s examination.

Often the new driver passed and received a junior license within a couple of weeks of their 16th birthday.

Now the state requires 50 hours of driver experience with the permit before you take the exam. Most teens wait six months before attempting the exam.

About the parent’s insurance, most companies will not make any changes to the policy for a teen with a learner’s permit. However, you should notify your carrier of changes once the new driver gets their license. In this event, the new driver gets added onto the parent’s personal automobile policy.

The next decision is whether the new driver will be driving the parents’ automobile or will the teen have their own car. The car insurance company determines the rate to be charged depending on the number of drivers and vehicles in the household.

If there are two cars and three drivers (parents and teen) in the home, the child can get added as an occasional driver on the policy. Regrettably, the rate will still be higher than two parents driving two cars.

A much greater rate will result if the parents purchase a car for the licensed teen and then covers it under the family auto policy. Still, the teen becomes a primary driver of the third vehicle and gets charged the full rate for an inexperienced driver.

In both scenarios, this rate will be even higher if the teen is involved in a chargeable auto accident. Consequently, the teen driver will get surcharged which can become very expensive. If the child has had driver’s training and receives good grades in school, the rates can get reduced.

Meanwhile, a child is a young driver until they have an auto license for at least three years. The underage rate is the same for boys and girls though boys historically have the poorer driving records.

Finally, auto insurance for teens can be expensive. But there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing coverage. Look for discounts aimed at young drivers. There may even be special deals like family plans where you can get additional discounts. And always get several quotes from several different insurance companies that offer auto insurance.