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business property insurance
Commercial property insurance takes several forms. King-Berk Insurance Associates offers flexible insurance coverage for your business property, your business inventory and your income. It includes Building and Contents, Business Interrupts, Inland Marine, Computers, Boilers and Machinery/Systems Breakdown and Employee Dishonesty.

Business property insurance protects your Philadelphia or Main Line business from a minor eruption to a major economic loss. If you own your building, lease your office or work at home, commercial property insurance protects your business’ physical valuables near you.

Building and Contents
The most prominent coverage is building and contents coverage. This coverage protects the location where you do business and all of the portable items that the business owns.

Business Interruption
Business Interruption Insurance provides coverage for your business income if you aren’t able to operate your business after a property loss.

Inland Marine
Inland Marine covers you for contents or inventory that you take off the premises. This insurance is especially important for firms that take tools and equipment off premises such as contractors and photographers. Inland Marin Insurance will cover you for inventory that’s shipped to your location or shipped from your location to a customer.

Computer Insurance is for your computers and software if your system suffers damage not covered under the business contents.

Boiler and Machinery/Systems Breakdown
Heating, air-conditioning and electrical systems can cause damage.  Under the building and contents coverage, it’s not covered. Boiler explosions and electrical arching are examples of this type of hazard.

Employee Dishonesty
Are your employees helping themselves to your company’s bank account? Many businesses can close because dishonest employees steal from them.

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