Liability Insurance

business liability insurance
King-Berk Insurance Associates offers several types of liability insurance tailored to your type of business. Whether you’re a Main Line or Philadelphia based business, we can provide you with liability insurance coverage that suits your needs.

Comprehensive General Liability
Due to your work activity including but not limited to contractors, food businesses, retail stores, and offices, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Furthermore, coverage can also include products liability to cover you if someone is injured or becomes ill from a product you sell.

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions
Professional Liability often referred to as E & O protects you if a person suffers damages as a result of a mistake you made during your work activity. Just like Medical Malpractice, E & O applies to other types of businesses.

Data Breach/Cyber Liability
Do you have a computer system? Is it protected against hackers stealing your customers’ data and personal information? As a result, you may be liable if you get hacked, and your clients get harmed.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Hiring and firing practices in business can lead to lawsuits. EPLI provides coverage due to you discriminating against an employee in the areas of race, gender, sexuality, age, and ethnic background. Did you know that the moment you interview a prospective employee, you are at risk? Furthermore, EPLI protects you in the event of a sexual harassment claim against you or another employee in your business.

Liquor Liability
Restaurant and tavern owners who sell and serve alcohol to customers purchase Liquor Liability Insurance. If an intoxicated patron gets into a car accident or gets into a fight after drinking at your business, they can hold you liable. Further, companies that host parties or special events can purchase this coverage. Hence, it includes the sale of alcohol as well as serving alcohol.

Special Events/Short Term Liability Coverage
Does your group or organization hold special events that are open to the public for a few days? King-Berk Insurance Associates has several sources that provide coverage for seminars, sporting events, musical festivals, and events that only last a few days.

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